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Enchanting Visitor


Ellen Pilsecker (San Diego, CA)

RehearsalTania Katan
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A meditation on distance. How it becomes something tangible, something that we use to regulate our relationships. Our bodies respond to the configurations of the thread. The distance we choose and the one that is allowed. Possible articulations arise from observing the tension or relaxation of the thread. Past, present and future become simultaneous, lending a ghostly appearance to our interactions.

Pedro Borges and Paulo Borges (Lisbon., Portugal).

Dis/This Placement: An Answer in My Hands

Performance Documentation 10.04.2020

Gordana Bezanov (Villnachern, Switzerland)

The Red Earth Society

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A starting point ...

dis-placement/this placement
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Dis-placement/this placement 

a composition across time and space (via whatsapp messages recorded March 29-31) with the voices of 2 friends, a sister, a husband, the wind, King David wind chimes, a shamanic drum, birds, a fire, sounds in a studio, on the street and in a flat in Florence, a MacBook Pro, an exercise bike, sounds of Villnachern (CH), sounds of Glacier (WA), a sneeze​

Melissa Morris (Florence, Italy)

Alone Too LongMelinda Morris on piano
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Listening while blindfolded:  two blind paper sculptures in response to what I was hearing.


Tracy Taylor Grubbs (San Francisco, CA)

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can you hear me: 844"
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can you hear me: 844” :: a chance composition created by placing side-by-side two sound recordings made simultaneously, but in separated isolation, by Batya Sobel (South Hadley, MA) and Kathy Couch (Northampton, MA). Recorded on April 14th, 2020.

Sobel and Couch reimagined -- for this time of the quarantine and distancing -- a recently-begun investigation of making sound together, playing glass bottles. No longer able to play together ‘in person’, they have begun an exploration of accompanying one another, while physically and sonicly separate, in a practice of listening, sounding, breathing, and attending, using only the vessels of their bodies and those of assorted glass bottles. Since April 13, 2020, Sobel and Couch have been engaging in this practice daily, beginning simultaneously to ‘play together’ (yet alone) for the increasing duration of seconds determined by the number of people who have died, as of that date, from Covid-19 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (USA)

Placement (Dis)placement

Choreography and Performance by Mikaela Wisniewski

Filmed and Edited by Lawrence Fung


The parking lots have turned into rehearsal spaces
We’ve taken to screaming across asphalt seas
When we hug, again, will we flinch first
Or will the body recognize it's longing long before we embrace


Tania Katan (Phoenix, AZ)

performance by Emily Wisniewski
video still Emily Wiskiewski
performance by Emily Wisniewski

The myth of the sublime in white western patriarchal capitalism may hold secret stories of trauma inflicted upon others. In this performance, I explore the ritual of baptism and reference the baptisms of Christian religions held in rivers. I expose my female, queer body, and the secret scars left on the othered subjects in the Christian community. The sublime is juxtaposed with the reality of physical and emotional abuse. This ritual serves as spiritual healing from the traumatic. 

Emily Wisniewski (Florence, Italy)

Alone Too Long, by Arthur Schwartz and Dorothy Fields

I'd kiss you if I dared, I want to but I'm scared,
I should have known I've been alone too long.
My lips are much too still, my arms have lost their skill,
My charm has flown, I've been alone too long.

It's been years since I've whispered a foolish love word,
And I'm afraid I'd sing you a faded song.

But if you smile and then say, "Darling, try again,"
I'll know you've known I've been alone too long...

Melinda Morris on piano (Ann Arbor, MI)

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Brookside Rd
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I'm outside, wind chimes in the breeze, birds, walking, gate opening, dribbling a basketball, throwing a pine cone at Emma’s window (which is how I often get her to come hang out with me), Emma and I saying hello to you. 


I am so profoundly grateful that we are able to venture outside. To feel the sun and the breeze and to hear the birds is to be reminded of the beauty in the world. 

Noreen Hanlon (Ottawa Hills, OH)

Earth Day into Night 22.4.20 

Claire Duiker (Florence, Italy)